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5 ways to make your wig more natural! (2021 Wig Tutorial)

We know that natural is very important to wigs, so how can our products improve natural? This is 5 steps.
1. Baby Hair. We put baby hair on your forehead so you can look more natural than it would be without it.
2. Full Back of The Wigs. Many wigs ignore this, and we think it's as important as the forehead, because everyone can see it.
3. Wig Cap. Our wig cap is adjustable and suitable for many people.
4. Lightweight. Our wigs are very lightweight. Yes, we believe that when the weight of the wig is almost the same as the real hair, you will have a better experience.
5, Hair Volume. This is a very complicated process. While keeping the wig lightweight, it is necessary to keep the hair volume at an appropriate level. Too much will make the wig too heavy, and too little will make it recognized as a wig at a glance.
If you think there are other ways to improve natural, your suggestions are welcome.

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  • Anne

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