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How To Choose Cornrow Braided Wigs?

A braided wig is a special type of weave that is meant to expand its size. The hair at the top of the head continues to grow, but if you need thicker hair there are many solutions for you. You could use extensions, a wig or even hair curlers.

When it comes to versatility, cornrows are at the top of the list. It is a popular style that keeps you looking stylish. It gives you options for both natural and fancy look. Braids can be styled in infinite ways so feel free to create your whole new look.

People began creating wigs out of a variety of synthetic materials as well as properly preserved human hair over time. Synthetic wigs opened up new fashion possibilities. Because of this versatility, different colors, patterns, lengths, and braids were introduced. This material allows you to create voluminous, thick braid. Braiding hairstyles is very popular, especially on medium and longer length hair. It is an easy way of straightening your locks and making them appear fuller and shinier.

Wigs are equipped with easy-to-use elastic bands and tie-up arrangements to keep them in place during the day. People who are suffering from chronic illnesses that cause hair loss can opt to wear wigs and restore their normal routines while undergoing care.

There is also a vast variety of wig layouts you can choose from. Braided buns are available for those who want to extend the length of their faces, while choosing a stylistic design to stand out from the crowd. Classic cornrow patterns have been a fashion statement for those who prefer familiar yet elegant designs. In this article, it will be a guide on what other braided wigs are available for choosing and how to properly choose a wig that fits you.


There are several kinds of cornrow wigs. They incorporate the basic fundamental principles of working with hair when making a wig to make sure they last as long as possible.

Double Dutch Lace Braid Wigs - 2 Feed in Braids

Double Dutch Lace Braid Wigs - 2 Feed in Braids

2 Feed in Braids Double Dutch Lace Braid Wigs, this is a very popular wig recently. Because it is the same wig as Natalie Emmanuel (F9), it is very popular recently. Those who like this wig should hurry to buy it, because the stock is running out.


Bohemian Dutch Braid Lace Wigs

Bohemian Dutch Braid Lace Wig

This beautiful new wig is ideal especially for formal occasions when you want something chic and glamorous. Instead of sitting for 8 hours on conventional braids, you can get a flawless braided look in 15 minutes with this 100% Hand-Braided 13x5 Lace Wig.


High Ponytails - Dutch Braid Lace Front Wig

High Ponytails - Dutch Braid Lace Front Wig

You will surely stand-out from every crowd with the great addition of this long and braided wig to your wardrobe. Stylish and practical, this wig is a perfect costume accessory and can be integrated into your regular wardrobe.


French Double Lace Braids Wigs

French Double Lace Braids Wigs

Braided wigs are naturally beautiful. You can't beat them when you are looking for that natural, full look. This wig is all about additions as it adds volume and length while still looking natural.


Ombre Blonde Pre-Braided Cornrow 13x6 Lace Frontal Wig

Ombre Blonde Pre-Braided Cornrow 13x6 Lace Frontal Wig

An ombre wig is a popular women's item in the hair industry. It is made of natural fibers to look like human hair. This style is very popular among women with black or dark brown hair looking to dye their hair lighter tones without the commitment. The ombre isn't just for stylish purposes, but also serves as a way of making a bold fashion statement.


Super Trendy Cornrows to Curly Ponytail Braided Wig

Super Trendy Cornrows to Curly Ponytail Braided Wig

This cornrow wig is made of 100% Kanekalon curly synthetic fiber that looks and feels like real hair. It smoothly adheres to your head with an elastic band in the back. Cornrow wigs are worn in a large variety of styles, textures, and colors, allowing you to go for any look you desire.


100% Hand-Braided Box Braids High Bun Cornrow 13x5 Braided Lace Wig

100% Hand-Braided Box Braids High Bun Cornrow 13x5 Braided Lace Wig

This classic high bun wig is made of the highest quality heat resistant synthetic fibers, which means its soft and light weight, making it different from other wigs. Also, its tight braid pattern makes it appear more natural in your hands when you move it or run your fingers through it because it will feel more natural to you.


Making the right wig choice is an important part of how your wig will look on you, and we want you to be happy with it for a long time. That's why we created this guide as a resource to learn more about the different parts of your face and what type of hair styles and hair care products will best complement them. Whether you have an oval, heart, round or square face shape, our guide will help you make the best possible decision before you buy.


Known as one of the most ideal facial shapes, any wig goes amazingly stunning with an oval face. To showcase the shape of your face more, bob wigs or a fringe wig can make the shape of your face more prominent.


A prominent jaw is a key feature of those with square faces. Longer layered bobs, in curly or wavy patterns, are recommended for square face forms to relax the sharp jawline and narrow the width of the face. Avoid styles such as a straight bob, as they can accentuate the squareness of the face. On this face type, softer hairstyles will look better than blunt or boxy designs. Furthermore, a square-shaped face looks fantastic with a lot of length, particularly if the ends are wavy.


People with a circular-shaped face are commonly associated with having a wide hairline. The common solution to avoid having the face look wider is to wear wigs that adds vertical length to your face.  A braided bun wig would look stunning on people with round faces!


The top of a heart-shaped face is broader along the cheekbones and narrows down toward the chin. Bangs that are sliced straight across the forehead perform better on heart-shaped faces since they frame the larger portion of the face.


If you have a long neck and wish to disguise it a bit, the most straightforward solution is to wear a long hair wig. To take attention away from the length of your body, you may wear a straight human hair wig or a wave human hair wig. The straight wig, on the other hand, seems to be longer than the wave wig with the same length of human hair. As a result, you should go for a long straight hair wig.


The bangs are the safest option if you choose to cover the forehead with a human hair wig. Furthermore, heavy, straight bangs are better for those with a heart or oval-shaped forehead. At the same time, side-swept bangs complement both round and squared-off faces.


If you don't like your nose or think it's not ideal, you may want to try a side-part human hair wig to attract people's attention to your eyes rather than your nose. Often, side-part hair wigs will give your face the desired length, and they seem to take eyes away from your face's middle; toward your forehead and chin.


If you have a lighter skin tone, you can consider using a braided wig that has a dark color like black or dark brown. Ombre with blonde highlights may also work. If you have a darker skin tone, using a light brown wig can accentuate the beauty of your skin color.


There are many types of materials used for cornrow wigs. Kanekalon fibers are known to be great for wigs with braided patterns. Starting its roots from Africa, Senegalese twists have made their way into mainstream America with their unique and vibrant design. Japanese keratin have also been used to help maintain the very high quality of the wigs.


Wigs are an important and a practical piece of women’s make-up, and you should not be afraid to express yourself and dressing up by using one. Getting into the correct frame of mind is essential to your success in wearing wigs. Today, wigs are much more realistic looking than they were 30 years ago.

Braiding is a hairstyle that can give your natural hair additional body, thickness, and even length. You can create detail within braids that allow you to do fun and fabulous styling ideas. Since the braided wig falls over your natural hair, it takes away the time of curling and blow drying.


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