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10 Most Stylish Cornrows And Scalp Braids For 2021

This 100% Hand-Braided 13x5 Lace Wig allows you to get a perfect braided look in under 15 mins instead of sitting for 8 hours of traditional braids. Our universal discount coupon is ULABF10. If you want discount coupons from other websites, you can enter wethrift to find the discount coupons you want.

We know that nature is essential to wigs, so how can our products improve naturally? There are five steps.

  1. Baby Hair. We put baby hair on your forehead so you can look more natural than it would be without it.
  2. Full Back of The Wigs. Many wigs ignore this, and we think it's as crucial as the forehead because everyone can see it.
  3. Wig Cap. Our wig cap is adjustable and suitable for many people.
  4. Lightweight. Our wigs are very lightweight. Yes, we believe that when the weight of the wig is almost the same as the natural hair, you will have a better experience.
  5. Hair Volume. This is a highly complex process. While keeping the wig lightweight, it is necessary to keep the hair volume at an appropriate level. Too much will make the wig too heavy, and too little will make it recognized as a wig at a glance.

If you think there are other ways to improve natural, your suggestions are welcome.

we suggest 10 fashion wigs to you.

#1 Bohemian Dutch Braid Lace Wig

One standout style to try is two Bohemian Dutch  Braided cornrows with the ends left loose. This look is charming if you want a weave that's a different colour to your natural hair. Not only does this braided wig style look cute and beautiful, but it also grabs attention!Bohemian Dutch Braid Lace Wig

#2 Ket Braid Lace Front Wig

This Ket Braid Lace Front Wig takes braided hair to the next level in its execution, intricacy, and literal height. It features several braiding styles, with natural braided hair along the sides and back. Especially the ket can unbraid so that it can change many types. Match it with outfits. Gold or silver will be a plus.

Ket Braid Lace Front Wig

#3 Side Part Cornrow-Twists/Braids Style Braided Lace Wig

This wig has two styles, one is braided styles, and the other is twist styles. And the braided styles are very fashionable and newest, so the designer design twist styles. This style is very hot online, not only its All-match but also its fashion and bling design. It looks great with some gold or silver accessories.

Side Part Cornrow - Twists/Braids Style Braided Lace Wig

#4 Free Part Cornrow-13x5 Braided Lace Wig

This type of cornrows for women looks neat and is acceptable for a formal setting. And the lace is 13x5, very suitable for wearing.

Free Part Cornrow - 13x5 Braided Lace Wig

#5 Micro Twist-Middle Part Braids Lace Wig

This is a twist style. Every hair is very delicate and delicate. It will be greater if you add some golden or silver accessories.


#6 Fulani Cornrow-Braided Lace Front Wig

This wig is gorgeous, can bring a very noble temperament to the wearer, very suitable for some solemn occasions.

Fulani Cornrow - Braided Lace Front Wig

#7 French Four Lace Braids Wigs

This wig is composed of 4 strands of braids, which are woven inwards, a different weaving method from previous braids. Its inward weaving makes it unique. It is a very trendy braid headgear, which is fashionable and restrained at the same time.


#8 High Bun Dutch Braid Wig

This is a short wig. The braid in the back is tall and short, giving people an adorable feeling. Simultaneously, because it is relatively straightforward, there will be less space to take care of, which is very suitable for pursuing high efficiency.

High Bun Dutch Braid Wig

#9 High Ponytails-Dutch Braid Lace Front Wig

This wig is very similar to the #8 wig, and the difference is that it has a long ponytail than the #8 wig. This wig looks more solemn and is very suitable for solemn occasions.

High Ponytails - Dutch Braid Lace Front Wig

#10 Dutch Braid Lace Front Wig

This wig is composed of 4 main braids, and the weaving method belongs to the dutch braid. This wig is suitable for work and daily life. It is very decent.

Dutch Braid Lace Front Wig

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